Evansville, IN CityWideParty!

USI College Health Care

Hello USI Evansville, IN!  🙂


We’re planning a city wide party for Sept. 2014 so start planning now.

We could use the health care dept. PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE to help with the health part of the Leukemia Awareness part of the city wide party!

USI in the New Orleans Style Parade?!

Start thinking of ways to represent your school.   =theme

     (start thinking about beads, candy, and toys to throw, masks, costumes and a float!)

Oh, I almost got carried away. lol

We’d like to man health booths all over the city, here are a few ideas:

Web Designers, Graphic Artists

Leukemia Swab Testing (for possible donors)

Blood Sugar Testing

Blood Pressure

Boo Boo Stations (for minor bumps n boo boo’s)

First Aid Tents (cots, water, first aid supplies)

contact us: lifechangerstonyevans@ juno.com  (remove spaces)



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