Evansville, IN CityWideParty!


If you’re interested in helping set up, judge, participate, decorate, or anything else I hadn’t thought of, please let me know. I’m not well versed in this area and would be honored if you’d like to partner with us in some way.

All Contests should be ‘family friendly’ and appropriate enough for ‘grandma’.


Contest Rules:


Send information of your intent to participate and 1 Bag of Beans:

Evans  c/o City Wide Party

11551 Upper Mt. Vernon Rd.

Evansville, IN 47712

You can also let us know what you think by adding your reply to the box below. It is moderated so none of your information will be public, it is for our eyes only.

PRE Admission to events: 1 bag of beans (send to the above address)

We are partnering with God’s Homies (a group of youth from the south side) to collect beans for the elderly and handicapped in the community. Because no one should be hungry.

Your Package should include:

1 Bag of Beans

100 Promotional items (What do you want to get into the hands of other vendors and businesses)

Self Addressed Large Manilla Envelope (Big Yellow/Gold)

Fill out the Form

Someone will contact you as soon as possible.





Cook off



Photo (Models, Couples Costumes, Floats)


Scavenger Hunt (Team Contest)




Check In!

Scavenger Hunt (game pcs.)

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