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Speed Dating

speed dating logo

Speed Dating Logo Rough Draft

Speed Dating: I know nothing about this. I’ve been married 30 years!

So, I need some people who have experience with this to help put it together.

Also, start thinking about how your state can represent the New Orleans Style Parade. Get a bunch of people and represent your state theme. Start thinking about bead throwing, costume contests and your part in the parade.

The Leukemia Awareness City Wide Party will be a week long so that will give you pleanty of time to find the ‘right one’ All the speed daters can hang out at different places around the city and enjoy a party type atmosphere.

Go ahead and ask for vacation now.                                                   Sept. 15-20th 2014    Take your vacation here in Evansville, IN.

Tell me who you are and what you’d like to participate in. Just scroll down and in the reply box give me some type of interest level.

Helping or participating.

Any other ideas would be more than welcome.


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  1. segmation said,

    Nice blog on Evansville! Thanks for sharing. http://www.segmation.wordpress.com

    • Homies said,

      Thanks Segmation!

      Hey, have you thought about a vendors spot at our Leukemia Awareness City Wide Party!?

      It’s still in the process, but it might be something to think about.
      There will be places all over the city set up, we love our city and think you might too. 🙂

      Take your vacation and come here to set up a vending booth with your product. You’ll love it here.

      Evansville, IN Leukemia Awareness City Wide Party!

      There’s going to be all kinds of people from all over the world and you’ll be able to offer special discounts that week.

      I can barter services or products for the booth rental, it’s about building businesses up in todays economy.

      Let’s talk if you’re interested.


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