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Welcome to Evansville, In City Wide Leukemia Awareness Party!

Do you have gifts and talents? Give back to your community.

Start Here:


Health Care and Solutions:

Evansville, IN aware and spread information about leukemia.

Please take a moment to watch this video.

“We NEED better tools and strategies to address racial and ethnic disparities in health care”

Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change


Volunteers Needed:



*Construction Crews

*Clean Up Crews



*Graphic Designers

*Web Designers

*Dancers (all ages, no experience necessary)

*Block Party Hosts (business or residence)


Car Wash…Ideas?

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Great ideas for social media, marketing, non-profits? Anybody have any thoughts?

Let your voice be heard

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Dance Baby Dance

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Heidi Garza? You go girl!
I watched a video of this “little spitfire” (dad used to say) beautiful curly headed, dancer. “Amazing” I thought to myself. I want to do that!

I have written her because I’d like to have her do some dance at an event our community will be holding. 8 months and counting.

Social Media Butler

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Who is a social media expert for?

The new buzz word:
“Social Media Butler”

*Anyone who wants to increase revenue.
This is for you.

*Anyone who wants to add a more personal touch to your social or business life.
This is for you.

*For those people who don’t ‘Do’ the computer or social media.
This is for you.

*If you raised your hand or eyebrow at any time when others have talked about Facebook, Twitter, My Space, or any other social media.
This is for you.

*If you have no experience or understanding of how those networks operate or what they do.
This is for you.

What are the benefits?

*Save timeby allowing someone who understands that knowledge to do what you don’t have time to do.

*Grow your business or social impact.

*Get a different view or opinion of what you’re trying to say to your customers, friends, and associates.

*Hands free! You have Fun doing what you do and let us bring your best to the public.

*We’re your personal poparatzi, but we’re on your side! We’ll add only the best to your social network.

*You’re customers, family and friends will see you enjoying yourself in real time. Only the photos, tweets, and online news that you want others to see will be public.

*We are a company that you can trust. We’re on your side.

*Save Money

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