Evansville, IN CityWideParty!


We’re officially opening the Musicians

sign up page.

If you have any questions, go to the comment section at the bottom

(it’s private)



First, we need your help.
We have some ideas, we want your opinion.
This will open in another box,
when you’re done, click the x at the top corner.

Go here and scroll through the list. Everything you need is in that page. This will help you think about the theme, how to bring in your products, how to build your float for the parade (if you want center stage to the streets of people and can abide by some ‘family friendly’ rules.

Lastly, Someone will call you to find out more about your interest. Look over the list and let us know what other interests you have. We’ll gather that information and send you a packet with your information.

Until then here’s what you’ll need to stay in touch with. If you’re interested in being interviewed, having products displayed, advertising, parties around the city or other interest you see on our site, let us know.




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